Happy Cat Consultation

Have the feeling your cat is experiencing boredom, doesn’t know what to do with itself or is withdrawn? Want training tips for a specific issue, such as visiting the vet, going for walks or traveling with your cat?

This consultation session aims to prevent any behavioral problems that may arise later. I will share with you my expertise on how to make your home more cat-friendly and work out activity ideas that suit you and your cat. And who knows, you might have a little genius living with you that is just waiting to show off how fast it can master the tricks during training.

Consulting topics can be:

  • Veterinary training / medical training
  • The kind of cat that fits you and your lifestyle and the initial steps when moving a cat in
  • Travelling and walking with your cat
  • Getting started with clicker training

Every cat is unique – possessing its own personality and preferences. I draw from a large pool of ideas, tips and tricks. Together we will find out what your cat enjoys and how to keep it busy and stimulated in the long run.


  • Ideas, pointers and tricks that fit you, your lifestyle and your cat
  • Helpful tips for other issues – ones that you might be unaware of, and which might turn into problems later down the line
  • Recommendations for toys that will get your cat’s pulse racing
  • Tips for beautiful and cat-friendly interiors that enhance the level of comfort for both you and your cat
  • The certainty that you are doing your best for the well-being of your cat

Package includes:

On-site consultation up to 2.5 hours
During my visit, we will address the issues at hand and/or your training goals. You will receive a customized plan of action.

You will receive an email with a concise series of measures along with tip sheets and helpful email links.

An online appointment (45 min.) four weeks later
At our second appointment we will review in detail how you did in the past weeks and how to proceed going forward.

Price: € 270
plus travel expenses (€ 0,50 per km)

Why not take the leap into a new and progressive form of cat keeping? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The outcome: a more intense bond with your cat. The joy your cat gets will surely inspire you.

Feel free to contact me – no strings attached. If you want to put a halt to your cat’s problematic behavior(s), I recommend my Behavior Consultation, which offers even greater support.