Behaviour Consultation

Is your cat misbehaving? Soiling the house, scratching up the sofa, waking you up at all hours of the night are just some of the stuff that drive us humans up the wall.

These shenanigans can be very stressful, which often then throws our homelife into disarray. As a trained cat psychologist, I will analyze the situation and pinpoint what is behind the problematic behavior and show you how to achieve harmony and a happy coexistence with your cat.

Without the right approach and solution, behavior problems in cats can persist and worsen over time. The sooner the problem is addressed, the better the prognosis. Don’t put it off any longer. Professional help is a click away.


  • Your cat is not using the litterbox or does urine marking
  • Your cat is aggressive and attacks you or other people and animals
  • Your cat regularly wakes you up in the middle of the night
  • Your cat is demanding a lot of attention, meowing a lot or is being obnoxious
  • Your cat obsessively licks or scratches to the point of causing bald spots

Already googled this, you say? Tried out every sort of advice given by family and friends, and still tearing your hair out? Through my scientific training as a feline psychologist and with the help of a structured behavioral analysis, I will come up with a customized plan to fit you and your feline friend.


  • Certainty about the roots and triggers of your cat’s problem behavior
  • Plan of action tailored to your needs, your lifestyle and your cat
  • Deeper bond between you and your cat, strengthened daily through joint exercise
  • The way to a harmonious life with your feline bestie

Consultation Package Includes:

On-site consultation up to 2.5 hours
I will analyze the problematic behavior and work out a series of measures on how to resolve the issue(s).

You will receive a concise plan of action along with tip sheets and helpful email links.

Close support in the subsequent four weeks
I will be at your disposal, via email or the messenger service Signal, to analyze short videos and answer follow-up questions.

A online appointment (45 min.) after four weeks
Here we will do a deep dive into what has been happening in these weeks, what has changed and how to go forward in the future to ensure continual success.

Price: € 350
plus travel expenses (€ 0,50 per kilometer)

If you wish to transform the distress you’re experiencing with your cat into understanding and love, contact me to arrange a free 15-minute introductory talk.