Harmonious Cohabitation

Want to introduce a new cat to your family of cat(s)? Already in the middle of socializing your cats and things are not going according to plan? Are your cats clashing and have formed a distaste to one another?

I’m here to help if:

  • your cats are attacking each other
  • one of your cats is hiding because of bullying by the other cat and has stop interacting with you
  • your cats are still hostile to each other despite your every effort to bring them together
  • you have tried all the tips and ideas you got off the internet, publications and friends and nothing has worked

There’s no need to let things get so far. Let me help you from the get-go: introducing a new cat to your existing one and setting them on the course to harmonious coexistence with eachother. Cats can be somewhat asocial and will not always accept a new feline. They are, by their very nature, very territorial, so that the newcomer needs good arguments to be seen as an enrichment and not as an interloper. From your cat’s point of view, there are resources to defend: food, resting places and your attention.

Working together, we can positively influence the first meeting and lay the cornerstone for a cat friendship to last for years to come.

What you get in the Harmonious Coexistence Consultation:

  • Analysis of your cats’ personalities and the advantages and disadvantages this new configuration brings
  • A precise, customized roadmap of how you can positively shape the (re-)union
  • Training methods and additional tips tailored to you and your cats’ needs to deescalate the tension between the felines and move towards peace and harmony

Consultation Package includes:

On-site consultation up to three hours
I will assess the current situation between your cats and give you a series of measures to improve it

After our appointment you will receive a concise plan of action along with tip sheets and helpful email links

Close support over an eight-week period
I will be at your disposal, via email or the messenger service Signal, for analysis of short videos, follow-up questions, and the next stages of training.

Two online appointments (45 min each), once every four weeks
At our follow-up appointments, we will review how you have been doing in the prior weeks, what has changed and what the next steps for your joint path are.

Price: € 590
plus travel expenses (€ 0,50 per kilometer)

Surcharge for an on-site appointment (60 min.) instead of online (45 min): € 40 each (plus travel expenses)
Extension support for the subsequent four weeks with one 45-min online appointment: € 160

If you wish to transform the stress you’re having with your cat into understanding and love, contact me to arrange a free 15-minute talk.