Maintaining Your Cat

Cats are mostly known to be easy to care for and are independent, unlike some animals. We like them for comfort, they can stay at home alone for a long time, and are quiet animals. But did you know, that a cat is a very active predator that hunts all day? For example: A cat on a farm could catch between one to two dozen mice or other prey animals per day! This shows the usual amount of time a cat would spend hunting, if it were possible in our homes.

You may have noticed that your cat is bored, that it doesn’t know what to do with itself, or doesn’t spend as much time with you anymore? Maybe it acts strangely or meows more often than normal? Many problems are generated because our cat is simply bored. We can easily change that! I give you suggestions for a cat-appropriate home and ideas for activities, which are tailored to you and your cat. Perhaps you have a tiny mastermind at home that loves to show off its talents.