Behaviour Advice

Everyone knows the typical cat behaviour that annoys humans; they do not use their litter, they destroy our furniture, wake us during the night or attack our other cats, just to mention a few.

Those situations can be very annoying for us. But usually our cat doesn’t mean any harm. They just express their needs or what they’ve learnt from their behaviour, in a way that they can benefit from their actions. Sometimes it’s hard to see why they do what they do, and how we can influence their behaviour for the better. Quite often, popular beliefs around cat treatment and well-intended advice from friends can make things worse. I help you to understand what your cat is trying to say with its behaviour. I will translate their actions and how we can influence them in a positive way. Sometimes a small change in the daily routine will be enough, and sometimes the changes have to be greater. Nevertheless, you and your cat’s wellbeing have top priority! Together we will find a way to solve the problem.