Adoption Advice

All cats are individuals. All of them have their special character and different needs. As cute as they are, kitten do not fit in every household. And the 13 years old senior cat with a high need of rest may struggle with two young children and a dog.

You are looking for company for your single cat or your whole cat team? It is important to do the right choice at this point as well. Not all cats match. I can help you with the upcoming socialization. Not every cat is as social as she will accept the new roommate immediately. Together we can have a positive influence on their first meeting and may cause a long-lasting friendship.

I help you to define your own needs and demands concerning a (new) cat. So you will be able to make the right choice. Unfortunately many “wrong decisions” end up in a shelter or wander from one overstrained owner to another. This is what we want to avoid.