Process and Costs


Usually our first appointment will be at your home. Please contact me to schedule this appointment via Email or over the phone, to give me a first impression of your case. This first contact is absolutely non-binding and doesn’t cost anything. I will send you a questionnaire that would need to be completed before our first visit. This ensures that I am well-prepared for your individual case. During my visit we will discuss this intensively and we talk about therapy recommendations and other possible actions to be taken. Follow-up appointments may be necessary, this depends highly upon your case.


  • Scheduling our appointment: free
  • First consultation (visits, video-chat or over the phone): 68,- € per hour (billing every 15 minutes) plus travel expenses; Usually the first consultation lasts 2 – 2,5 hours. Depending on the case it may be necessary to increase the time.
  • Follow-up consultations: 68,- € per hour (billing every 15 minutes)

Travel Expenses

I charge 0,50 € per kilometer (shortest way shown on the GPS) form Berlin Lichterfelde.